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Wall Decals

Removable wall decals are created for people who like to change their minds and know how to enjoy life. It is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper or paint, and the DIY nature of Miss Aura’s Wall Decal lets YOU be the artist to create your own wall art. Within minutes, you can transform the look of a living or woking place: choose your space, plan and implement your design. When you’re tired of your old design, say, after a years, a month or even a day – just remove the old one and change for a new one you like
STEP 1: Preparation

Ensure the wall surface is clean, smooth and dry prior to installation. Allow newly painted walls to to cure for 2~3 weeks before applying your wall decal. Not suitable on textured walls or uneven surfaces, make sure that it is completely free from any dust or dirt.

STEP 2: Position

Before adhering, we suggest cutting out the larger decals and using painter’s tape to arrange on the wall to ensure they’re where you want them to be. Follow the number on the small picture of the decal if applicable.

STEP 3: Peel and Tick

Carefully peel decal from the backing sheet. Place as little or as many you like in various angles and locations to achiever your desired look. 
To reposition, slowly and carefully peel away from the surface. Reposition decal then reapply.

STEP 4: Smooth and Finish

To remove air bubbles, use a dry soft cloth to rub decals starting from the centre to the edges.

Step back and admire your creation!

-To remove your decal 
Gently lift over one corner and slowly peel the decal away from the wall. 
If there is any resistance at all or you are concerned about the surface, gently and slowly warm the decal with a hair dryer set on low. This will soften the adhesive.

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